Welcome to Pocket Home, the Design and Decorate your Dream Home game.

Buy a House

You can buy homes with Pocket Coins or by telling your friends about Pocket Home!
  1. To buy a house with Pocket Coins
    1. Tap the Coin button on the Pocket Realty sign in front of a home to purchase. The first home is free!
  2. To buy with Tell A Friend (TAF) Points
    1. Tap the TAF button on the Pocket Realty sign in front of the home to redeem your TAF points. You know you have enough TAF points to buy the home when all of the smiley faces on the Pocket Realty sign are colored in.
Shop for Furniture and Home Accessories
  1. Tap the Shop button,
  2. Items in the Shop are divided into departments. The departments are (from left to right]) Specials, Wall Coverings, Windows & Doors, Flooring, Chairs, Beds, Tables, Accessories, Storage, and Kitchen & Bath. Tapping the tabs at the top of the store pop-up window will display all the available items in that category.
  3. To purchase an item, tap the price tag below the picture of the item. Your new decor item will be instantly added to your inventory.
Get More Pocket Coins

Use Pocket Coins to purchase items in the Shop or to purchase more homes to decorate. To get more Pocket Coins, tap the Coins Balance button at the bottom left of your Pocket Home game screen.

To Buy Pocket Coins:

    1. Tap on the amount of Pocket Coins you’d like to purchase.
    2. Confirm your purchase by clicking the BUY button on the In App Purchase pop-up screen.
    3. Your new Pocket Coins are added to your game right away.
To Earn Pocket Coins
    1. Tap on the Earn Pocket Coins button,
    2. Select an app to download,
    3. Download and open the new app. You must open the app to earn your Pocket Coins.
    4. Please be patient, it can take up to a half hour for your Pocket Coins to arrive.
Decorate a Room
  1. Tap a room box on the front of a house to enter the room you want to decorate.
  2. Tap the My Stuff button, then tap the department of the furniture or accessory you want to place into the room. If you have more than one of the same decoration, the quantity you own will be displayed next to the item.
  3. Tap, hold and drag your item into the room.
    1. When your item is where you want it to be, lift your finger and then tap the green pop-up check-mark to place it in that spot.
    2. Some items can be rotated. Tap the blue pop-up rotate button until your item is facing the direction you want.
    3. Tap the red pop-up X if you’d like to remove the item from the room and return it to your inventory.
  4. Tap the House button on the far left bottom corner of the screen to return to the front of the house.
Earn Tell A Friend (TAF) points

Tell your friends about Pocket Home to earn TAF Points. TAF points can be used to buy new houses to decorate.
  1. Tap the TAF button on the sign in front of the house or tap the TAF smiley face button at the bottom of the game screen.
  2. Follow the directions on the TAF screen. The email you send will have your special TAF code and a link to the Apple App Store where your friends can download Pocket Home. You can tell as many friends as you’d like!
  3. You earn TAF Points for every friend who enters your TAF code into their copy of Pocket Home.
Take and Share Pictures of Your Rooms
  1. To take a picture, tap on the camera button in the upper right hand corner of the game screen.
    1. You can take pictures of the outside of any house or inside of any of your rooms. Try pinch zooming in or out to get the best views!
  2. You can see and share your pictures by tapping the Gallery button at the bottom of the game screen.
    1. Tap on a thumbnail to see the picture at full screen size.
    2. Share your creation by tapping the Share button to post it to Facebook or attach it to an email. Or, save a copy to your PhotoRoll by tapping Save Image.
Options: Tap the Options button to turn off sound effects or background music.


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If you’re reading this, you’ve found the right button for help but in case you need me again, tap the question mark button in the lower right hand corner of your game screen. If something in the game isn’t working right, please email Broken Thumbs support at

Tips: Be sure to check out the Specials in the store. Most of the items in that category animate. Add some life to your home with your very own Pocket Cat or Dog.

Daily Rewards. You win coins every day that you play Pocket Home.

If you’re having trouble rotating an item even though you’ve been tapping the blue rotate button, try moving the item over to a empty part of the room, rotating the item, and moving it back to where you want it to go.


From all of us at Broken Thumbs Apps, thank you for playing Pocket Home!