Moldy Mallard

Wild mallards were the first birds to fall to the terrible zombie plague: one moment dreaming of slices of white bread, the next, a sudden insatiable desire for braaaaaains.

Temperament: A little confused
Shots to kill : 1
Weakness: Stale bread

Gibbering Goose

Infected while flying south for the winter, these giant birds are belligerent, bloodthirsy and battleready! No longer content to scare the dickens out of park goers, these geese are geared up for gore.

Temperament: Persistant!
Shots to kill : 2
Weakness: Orange sauce

Kreepy Quail

Darting this way and that, this little zombie seems harmless enough but don't let his size fool you because he will explode into a fighting ball of bloodlust at the slightest provocation. Hint: don't call him "comma head!"

Temperament: Quixotic!
Shots to kill : 1
Weakness: small

Vicious Vulture

These smelly eaters of the dead have been transformed into ...err, smelly eaters of the dead. OK well, some folks are just perfect the way they are.

Temperament: Mean!
Shots to kill : 3
Weakness: Carcasses

Billy Bob's BB Gun

Billy Bob is a local legend in the backwoods of Bilious Bog, not because of his considerable collection of partially paid parking tickets nor for his considerable caution toward humane hygiene but for being the first and possibly only person to fashion a flintlock action BB gun. Billy Bob manufactured the muzzle from pop cans and carved the stock from a slat from his Auntie Agony's picket fence. Like Billy Bob's longtime paramour, Billie Sue, Billy Bob's BB Gun isn't the prettiest goat in the rodeo but will fire straight and true.

Ammo: 3 shots
Reload Speed: 2 second lag
Shot spread: small

The Tiny Tim

Meet Tiny Tim, a gun guaranteed to turn the Ghosts of Zombies Present and the Ghosts of Zombies Yet to Come into The Ghosts of Zombies Past. Featuring single crutch action and kitchen sink aim, this is a gun made for tiptoeing through the swamp tulips.

Ammo: 3 shots
Reload Speed: 1 second lag
Shot spread: medium

Pea Blaster

Perhaps you've pondered the possibility of plinking at persistent zombies. Perhaps you've presumed just any pistol would pass in the pursuit of your perilous plan. But no, you must procure the Pea Blaster, a perniciously puissant projectile-providing apparatus, painstakingly provisioned to prevent unpleasant predicaments.

Ammo: 5 shots
Reload Speed: 1 second lag
Shot spread: medium


WrapMasterZ, Z for Zombies, that is. Wrap those decaying monsters up and seal them for freshness with this gun.

Ammo: 7 shots
Reload Speed: 0 second lag
Shot spread: medium


Local mechanic, electrician and all around handyman, Elsworth Buncker designed the ultimate in death and destruction. He told us he named it after his favorite breakfast, the humble flapjack. But there's nothing humble about this gun: the Flapper Zapper electrocutes foul fowl and gives them a free spinal x-ray to boot.

Ammo: unlimited
Reload Speed: 0 second lag
Shot spread: medium