Want to be part of the Zombie League?

Broken Thumbs Apps is developing a zombie-related iPhone game, which is expected to come out in January 2010, and we are offering free advertising to a limited number of developers within our app, as a way to give back to the development community. We are calling it the 'Zombie League,' and our only requirement is that your app has something to do with zombies. The image to the left is an example of what we expect our in-app Zombie League page to look like.

To be included, please send us the following:
1. 190x190 image (The smaller the file size the better)
2. App name (As you'd like it to appear in our app)
3. Developer Name (As you'd like it to appear in our app)
4. iTunes Connect direct app url (starts with itms)

Please email the above to [email protected] by December 27, 2009. Thanks for looking!