Hi Everybody! Today is the last blog post for Emily’s Girl World. Thank you for your support and love for the app. We hope it brightened your day and perhaps even inspired you at times. We will leave you with this great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

I could not, at any age,
be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on.
Life was meant to be lived.
Curiosity must be kept alive.
One must never, for whatever reason, turn [her] back on life.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Hi Everybody! I hope you all had a good weekend!

First, I would like to announce that Broken Thumbs Apps has just released their latest FREE app, Pocket Home. Check it out by touching here.

Thank you to all who sent in their Blush stories. Here are some Blush stories. Enjoy!

Blush Story #1: Here’s my blush. Once we were all getting ready for gym. I was stupid and forgot to bring my PE kit so I stood in line in my skirt talkin to my friend. One of the cute boys was doing streches in front of me I tryed not to notice then his arm accidently pulled up my skirt, revealing my embarrissing footie knickers to the whole class! This was 2 years ago but I still get laughed at! - lemon’n'lime

Blush Story #2: So my BFF accidentally told my crush I like him and he said I know and the next day he walks into school and decides he was gonna ask out my BFF not knowing that she has a boyfriend. She was like ummm I have a boyfriend… But I know someone who would love to go out with u that u may like and she said me and he was like she is sorta cute… And asked me out and I was blushing and I have very light skin and I was really sunburned so I was still red, but you could tell I was blushing and said yes. He had actually just gotten out of a really bad relationship with someone calling him ugly and annoying. They never had known each other except for name so he needed to go out with friends. Just like so he knows them and all. Sorry it gets off topic at the end!
Ally!! The popular, cute, funny, smart, sporty, annoying at times, best boyfriend ever girl!

Blush Story #3: So these are my bf’s blush!!! Yeah, I, his gf, am posting this!
He must be falling for me literally!
Part 1: it was skate night at my school so I went to the local ice rink with a couple of friends, and my(then) future bf was there too… As you might know from my other posts, I am horribly uncoordinated, and I am HORRIBLE at sports. So, my friends were trying to teach me how to skate and my future bf was to. So they were like if you fall then we’ll fall… So, as expected, I fell! So my first and second friend “fell” halfway. My bf attempted, but he fell all the way down, and couldn’t get up!!! It was funny, but he got up eventually…
Part 2: so my really close friend(you guessed it, my future bf{then}) was walking to class with me, an there is this giant recycling bin in the hall, so he was talking to me with all of his attention, and he ran into it!!!! It made us both laugh!!!!!! <3
Part 3: MY sorta blush: So, allergy season just ended, but this was during allergy season… So, allergies were really bad this year for me (I woke up every morning with a: headache, sore throat, and runny nose) so, I went to school with the runny nose…. And it was a bad runny nose!!! Like REALLY BAD!!!!! Not a happy nose like this: a bad nose…. It wouldn’t make you happy if I posted it… So yeah… My teacher didn’t have tissue so I went to the bathroom an this girl was in there so it was soooooo embarrassing!!! 

Blush Story #4: Okay so 1 morning I told my BFF my crush and it just so happened he was in her homeroom and there he was in the hallway so she grabs me by my jacket 2 his locker and says loudly HEY SHE LIKES YOU and ever since then whenever I see him I blush
By Ally the girl who wishes to be luved

Blush Story #5: My mate for life and I live in my house. He was on the phone talking to his mother over in Virgina. While he was on the phone I was asking the cootie catcher on Emily’s girl world a personal question that surely others would find funny. I asked “Do you think I should start taking beano after I eat from now on?” and said out loud to myself “I will die if anyone sees this!”. He comes over to hug me and sees my IPod Touch screen and saw the question I typed. Just before giving me a kiss on the cheek he said “prepare to die”! I was so embarrassed! To unintentionally rub it in, after he kissed me he said “Wow your cheek is warm and red, are you blushing?”. I wanted to say “because I am embarrassed!” but I did not. I just kept my head down and hid my face behind my hair.
from KJ in Greece

Blush Story #6: So I have drama after school on Tuesdays and so I’m in the senior class and we have to wait an hour! But we just chat, me and 5 others - PH, EL, SM, NY and EW (their initials!). And so we were talking about crushes. I was in the mood for teasing my friends who didn’t know who my crush is (he’s such a popular guy, everyone talks to him. Too bad he has a girlfriend already). I told SM, EW and NY I have a crush (EL and PH already know after a game of Truth or Dare) but I didn’t tell who. I allowed them to ask a few questions for clues but I didn’t still want to tell them. SM asked if he has blonde hair and in my class (yeah he does!) so she was correct and NY just said “Is it ___?” and then PH just said “She got it right!!” I was steaming at her!! Now they know. PH got 5 million slaps!! Haha! But I’m still angry with my knives of mentos … That’s my blush! 
Sent from my awesome iPod Touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blush Story #7: Here’s my blush so me and my friend were stitting in SS and the teacher is the meanest teacher ever so basicly at the last minut b4 the bell rang we were taking about our crushes as our prince charmings and they were rescuing us from the dragon my crushis in 8th grade and he has class there right after us and I said where’s my prince charming/ night in shining armor when I need him and my friend taps me like he’s right bhind u and we go into a fit of gigels and he dosent know I like him and now when I hear prince charming or night in shining armor I laugh and my face goes pink

Blush Story #8: So heres my blush. It was the last day of school till break and were just getting out of the church, (I go to a catholic school btw) and there were still going to be classes, so I’m sitting right nxt to my crush ( firm last year) and he was wondering where the next class would be and I decided to throw in some sarcastic answer so I said ” I dont know in ur pants?!” my BFF was sitting right next to me then and she’ll never let me live that one down. To make things worse he went off and told his friends. Real smooth, hu? Srry so long!
Raspberrygreenflyingsquirreldinopuppy yummygummygirl

Blush Story #9: Okay so I was on Facebook and my crush said he was going on vaycay and I’m like oh wen do u leave. And then this one girl who hates me was like oooh. She’s creeping. Creeper. So I semt him a message saying I wasn’t and he’s like ya u r it’s been decided. Then I said somethig else back but then got ground so I couldnt c what he said. I was afraid to go to school.
Second blush also involves him. My BFF was by my desk which is infront of his and her sweatshirt said sprin break and he asked where we went and we told him. Randomly he’s like. I WENT TO KENTCUKY AND WATCHED GIRLS IN SPANDEX PLAY VOLLEYBALL. IT WAS AWESOME we started laughing and now we call him perv!!!
<3 I love The Biebs! <3

Blush Story #10: Ok so I was talking to a friend and she said that my crush asked if I liked him. I asked him why he asked and by my face he said so you do like me. The worst part is it was at An OAA day so when he said that I flipped back words and he toke me to get ice. From: Morgan btw LOVE THE APP!

Blush Story #11: Ok so I had a crush on this guy. Jamie. It was valentines day but we were in skwl. So I wrote a valentines card and slipped it in his bag expecting him to c it at home! Only two people knew Sophie and Becky! So I put it in his bag! Suddenly he reached into his bag and took out the card in skwl! He went up to the teacher and suddenly she said ‘ DOES ANY ONE KNOW WHO GAVE JAMIE THIS CARD??’ I was so embarrassed! So Sophie told Jamie it was me and he came up to me and said ‘ why did u do that?’ the bell went for skwl and I RAN out! 3 years l8 I still go red on valentines day! <3

Have a good Monday!

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Friday Shoutouts

Happy Friday!

Here are the Friday Shoutouts!

To my best friend ever Hannah! Thanks so much for always being there for me and no matter what we will always be friends!
- Alicia

Mrs.B Don’t tell about me and Alex texting, ok?!
Alex OMFG! We got in trouble but it was sooo funny!
Jenners Bestie!! How’s Benny Boo? (inside joke)
Sarda Bestie! This is exactly why we are not together! (inside joke)
Ethan Love you sooooo much! First kiss was magic 
Thanks! ANNER

My shoutouts go out to:
>>>KENZiE: I can’t believe graduation is like, a week or so away! It’s crazy! And I can’t wait to see you Monday!
>>>ZACH: Oh yeah, I see you staring at me. And I love it… just like I love you. <3
>>>AUSTiN: Thanks.
>>>KRiSTEN AND MORGAN: Oh you guys…
>>>AND TO: Logan, Jacob, Will, Jared, Evan, and more!

Hey Tori here (the first one,from EGT)
I haven’t given any shout outs in a while but there are some seriously amazing people who need some
Recognition and some people who need to learn to back down,it’s not funny
Cat You are the worlds best frienemy, you can be a true friend but sometimes question why I hang out with you(over reactive yelling lying drama queen) stop making fun of me,it’s not funny
Cara we have defiantly had some rough times but your still my #1 BFFs and I really hope you know that
Julia You are amazing, I couldn’t live without you,you and your sis are my #1 BFFs
Lucy my awesome BFF who I can’t loose who knows exactly how I feel
Kaitlin I don’t have a lot to say to say to you,same as cat I, but you know when to stop and your way nicer and more fun
lily You are truly amazing I don’t what I did to deserve you as a friend,you don’t fit in with our loudness but you have a heart of pure gold,and lily you ARE beautiful no matter what your mom says and your glasses DONT make you look like an axe murder
Raquel it is NOT “scientifically proven” that everybody loves you, i dont because your rude and mean and blame it on me?!?You cant fool me with your little lies,and by the way Abby is mine
abby zen abby my advice person, Raquel hogs you and YOU even know that,wish that you didn’t go to new market,I never get to see you!
Clio clio i have never really gotten to know you to well but you really are amazing and brave you dress very differently from everybody else and no matter what people say you continue to do it, and dye your hair crazy colors(pallet above shows a couple of colors she dyed her hair) and no matter what people say I am happy to be your friend and confidant whenever you need
bumblebee i am so over you. You waited to long to tell me if you liked me and now I will never know but I’m fine ive moved on
KarlI love u, not in that way in the friend way You are so funny and sweet and a true gentlemen and even thought you have a “GF” I though you might wanna know that Hannah seems to be totally into you and you seem totally into her, you guys would be cute together.And thanks for the hug, you knew I would need it before I know I would
Mal You are a really great friend and I am super lucky to have you and I really wish that you wouldn’t quit theater and it would just be us 4 the whole year, and Mal lay off the veggies fries and chocolate!
And last but defiantly not least
Nathan i love you! You flirt with me and I flirt back but you still don’t get the message! Admit it already you like me! You gave me your number and we text each other come back to church flirt and the next week there is nothing!
You better not be sick today cuz if you are I’m eating the chocolate I brought you

My shoutouts:
cupcakes hey!!! By the time this is posted it would’ve been past our one week anniversary! so yeah… When we go on that field trip…. Can you sit next to me… Pretty pretty please???? Oh yeah, you’re right, no one has said one bad thing about us… I feel loved!!! PS cupcakes is me and my “code name” for my bf
arian and mags if it weren’t for you guys, cupcakes would have never asked me out… I love you guys!!!!
lindsey you’re in my prayers!!! Just keep fighting!!! I love you!!!
- Goosey

Hey People, here’s my shoutouts
Emry- Don’t worry, Salmon will see you in a different light soon. You are awesome!! 我爱你!!
Emilie- Get away from the sugar!! And stop staring at Ryan!
Maggie- your picky and demanding, but who cares?? We love you, and I love your flute!
Loren- you always have fun, and once again, Hippie Bird Day!
Brook- You confuse me. And good luck on McBeth!
Peter- who knows what is going to happen, but I’m along for the ride.
Randy- you may not be real, BUT GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME!(inside joke)
Love you all!
The obokian hoboe

Congrats to Prince Wills and Princess Catherine!! 
Tristan I’m not a creeper
<3 I love The Biebs! <3

AIDEN: u rock!!!!!!!!!
JOSH: omg your just, totally friggen awesome.
MASON: Your kewl, most of da time. Jk lol
MIRANDA: I <3 u!!! CARROT CUBES!! Lol inside joke….
BELLA: I couldnt live without you! Seriously! If you were gone I would jump off a bridge
JESSICA: a super special shouting to u today, I love you like a sister, spending the WHOLE week with you was the bomb diggity yo!! You my bbbfff!! And I love love love you so much! You were so brave while your parents were away!
OLIVER: ok wow ur my best guy friend so plz don’t take this the wrong way but… U R SO ABNORMAL! Lol but I enjoy u anyway.
BEN K.: I can’t believe ur the only guy who put a girl on his list for Ottawa! Ur so sweet!
BEN N. : dude I know u like me! Ur sooo sweet!
JUSTIN: u rock! Keep on playin’ hockey jockey!
KAMLI: omg there absolutely no words for how much I luv u!!! You one of my bestest buds ever! I can’t believe were on an actual Quiditch team together!!
EMILY: I luv luv luv luv luv luv (etc) U!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe ur on the Quiditch team to! I could burst with excitement!!
Luv the Envirofreak

Joshua- You’re wierd, your tiny, but i still love u best friend! xD
Savannah- youz a meanie
Marie- stop hating on me

Hey EGWers!!!! I have just one shoutout today. 
My shoutout goes to my boyfriend Eric. I love you with all my heart.  You are SO hilarious and SO cute. You Know how to make me smile when im in a bad mood and you make me laugh EVERY single day.  I love your cute little smile and the way you laugh. I love how on the second day we were dting you gave me the cutest nickname ever! I love how you stand up for me even if that person is your friend.  You will never know how much i love you Eric.  Thank you SO much for all you do for me. 
Anna a.k.a Anners

Hey EGW peeps! Here’s my shoutouts~
Sara I love you SO much gurl and you know it! Dont EVER change!
Sarah I had SO much fun at the mall with you! OMG!!!
And to all of my of nerdy friends love you too!!!!
Eric I love you SO much! You are so cute and hilarious! 
Gage Sup homie? Love you too cuziee 
My lil sis and bro Even though you annoy me i love you both very much. 
And last but certainly NOT least; Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Eminem And all the other amazing singers out there; KEEP ON SINGING! 

Hey friends, classmates, teachers, world!!! I wanna make a shout-out to my friends!
Kylie-thanks for always being there for me and putting up with me:)
Rachel&Lily- the to inseparables!!!! You guys make me me laugh and smile!!!
Naomi- your my best friend (well one of them) but u really PISS me off!
Ally- thanks for supporting me!!! Really helped me!
Teachers- thanks for everything!!!!
Connor- when will you realize I like you!? Wake up and smell the roses! Stop being so oblivious!!! Everyone knows I like/ed you!!!! Everyone except you!!!! X-( although I guess I don’t want u to know I like you cus that would be bad!!!! Totally ruin our friendship (if we have one)
I have no idea y I like u!!! Your mean to me (rarely but it happens, and when it does it really hurts), u make my heart jump, but… I’m having mixed feelings!!! I have no idea!!!!
-sakura.cherry6 confused O.o

+This Shoutout is to all of my friends back in my old hometown on Long Island+
KarlieL I miss you so much! Thankyou for being my friend and for helping me get my foot in the door of life!
Tim It was always nice seeing you at Cornucopia in Sayville everytime Mother and I went to the deli to eat.
 Donna and Joann Thankyou so much for lending an ear when I needed it most…which was a lot! Haha!!
Mother I miss you soooo much! I want to let you know that I’m alive and well and am VERY HAPPY AND SAFE where I am living now! Even though we are far apart psychically, emotionally it’s like you’re still next to me! Even though I’m 21 I’m still your little monkey girl.
Chuck Thanks for always thinking of me on holidays, and for making me laugh! I miss your huge sense of humor.
Sina and Kasey Thankyou for giving me the first job I’ve ever had working with Elvis and Brandy and for thinking of me when you went away on vacation. I know I keep bugging you with this Kasey, but, thankyou (for the last time, I promise!!) for the drumstick from the Combichrist/Rammstein concert and for helping me with the bullies. Say hi to Koko, your Mother, and your Uncle for me!
Greg, Mickey, Terry, Matty, Nick The bullies were so cruel to me for being different. I’m really proud to be different and to not be a cookie cutter! These four people were always kind to me when the cookie cutting mundanes weren’t. Miss you too!
You may not know me now, because I’ve changed my name, but I remember you.
Edna-X! 

Hey can make a shout out to my BFF’s Georgia and Jessica there no.1!!!!! 
- Libby xxx

Hey everyone here are my shoutouts:
To KT: Sooooooooo psyched for b-ball!!!!!! I can’t believe we’re on the same team again! It rocks!! Omiheck but my life is so hectic….so hopefully not going swimming as much will help? B-ball is a great stress reliever hahaha
To Colton: I don’t know why And I don’t know if you care or notice but I’m honestly sick, on the inside. I don’t know where I am, what I’m doin or anything else. I still choose to love you and I always will. Just maybe not in this way, but I hope I do I miss you so much I could cry. It’s impossible to describe how much I miss you. I miss you and love you.
To Alyssa and Lindsey: so we’re totally gonna rock @ b-ball!!! You guys rock! #1 catcher and first basemen!!
To Mr. And Mrs. B: hey, i havent talked o you guys in like ever. I kinda miss you. You should totally come down to visit us for dinner or something! Haha of course you could bring your family too

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Hi Everybody! I hope you all had a good weekend! Thank you to all who sent in their Blush stories.  Here are some Blush stories.  Enjoy!

Blush Story #1: So when I was in 3rd grade I told my crush that I like him but then he told me that he likes another girl (who’s like a year older than him!). So then 4rth  grade was the last year he was in my school and then he left. So I have him as a friend on FACEBOOK and I was at a friends house (I’m 13 and in 7th grade now) so I realize that he’s in chat so my friend dared me to put “hi” and to talk to him. So I put “hi” and then deleted it but then the next thing I know, it says that I sent him “hoi”. And then I log out and then I log in and then it says that he logged out. I’M SO EMBARRASSED!!!
from: Mónica (the girl that needs somebody to love )Well it seems like I need to listen to a LOT of Taylor Swift songs to heal my broken heart.  And I’ll just keep daydreaming about Justin Bieber! 

Blush Story #2: So I was staying after school today with my BFF and we had finished our homework so we started texting each other and I sent her “Ethan is so hot!” (Ethan is my BF) And as soon as she got the message the teacher saw her and me texting so she called us over and told my BFF to bring her phone and then the teacher read my message about Ethan!  And to make it worse, SHE HATES HIM! I’m scared to show my face in class with her tommorrow!

Blush Story #3: A few days ago I was talking to my crush during the CRCT  (btw I’m in 5th grade)  then I peed in my pants (we can’t go to the bathroom) and he was starring right at the spot where I peed he hasn’t talked to me since then!!!!
 Zoe

Blush Story #4: So, for a competition, my school band went to six flags! I was sooo Siked!!!! So after our competition we changed out of our uniform- ON THE BUS!!!! all the guys waited outside! It’s not that I’m fat or anything, it was just EXTREMELY crowded!!!!!
So we went on our first roller coaster(the second hardest one in the park, looney tunes is first) but I am freakishly scared of like almost all the rides at six flags!!! Yup, I’m a wimp, and I’m proud! so we saw the end, but then, it doesn’t lead to the entrance…. What is it??? An underground portal, a hole just to scare you, a stop that makes you go backwards??? What could it be!!! Then, we got to the tunnel and fell! Swoooosh!!!! Down in the tunnel and we were going FAST!!!! I was so scared that I wasn’t screaming!!! Then, I heard my guy friend yell “p***s!!!” at the top of his lungs!!! I would’ve laughed if we weren’t still in the tunnel!! My legs were shaking!!!!
I sat out most of the other rides because I was sick, *coughs and looks away* but before I was “sick” me and my “wife”(my other friend has a giant fake family, I have 2 mommies that are guys, and I, a girl, am a father of a beautiful girl 15 days older than me) had icees…. We ate them really fast, and we ate to much of it…. So we had a really bad stomach ache!!
We went on this water/ roller coaster rude Thingy, and at the end it took your picture! Oh yeah, I bet you can tell where this is leading, so my eyes were HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE!!!!!! and my mouth was open as loud as it could be!!! And to make it worse, the 2 other people in my little log thing, my wife and child, were squinting and had there eyes closed!! Haha….
Sorry that it’s so long and that I bored you to death!!!
- nope, not saying my name! Ok, you made me crack- Goosey

Blush Story #5: One night I was at the park on the swings. I was talking on my cellphone to a really great friend back in my old hometown. As I was speaking to her over the phone, I was COMPLETELY unaware of the fact that the guy I live with (that I have romantic feelings for) was sitting on the beach behind the swings!! I kept going on and on in great detail about how gassy I was after eating something I’m allergic to (what I ate had cows milk in it). After a good ten minutes I heard him say “No milk for you, Edna!” to me! I look back in shock!!! I was beside myself with embarrassment the rest of the night!
Edna-X! 

Blush Story #6: Today was career day in my school. Some student’s parents came in and talked about their career. My friends and I went to the room where there was an engineer. He brought in this R2D2 kind of robot and he let us all take turns controlling it. When it was my turn, I accidentally hit forward too far and it rammed into some kid’s legI couldn’t figure out how to reverse it The whole room burst into laughter and I was so embarrassed I had to get my friend to help me get it off his legTechnology and I just don’t mix (More specifically, robots and I.)

Blush Story #7: Hey everyone! This isn’t really a blush but more of a HUGE misunderstanding!  Okay so me and my friend were talking about my crush and wat color eyes he had. I said I had no idea she said something and I ended up yelling “(crushes name) (friends name)  has something to tell u” but he was playing volleyball so he didn’t hear but this other guy did and told my crush something and then came over and told my friend “he said no” we had no idea wat he was talking about but later my crush told me everything…(that my friend asked him out and he said no) and he wasn’t joking! OMGOSH HUGe misunderstanding!!!!!
Sorry if that’s hard to follow!!! basically though I made my crush think my best friend liked him! And the worst thing was he has a girlfriend who was also my best friend!)
- Sakura.Cherry6 =) “there is always a chance he might like u back& if he doesn’t there is always a chance u can make him fall for u!” I don’t mean by force by the way! Like not physically! “there is no choice only choiceS!” “they may HATE u OR they may LOVE u!”

Blush Story #8: Ok so I am in art class and our teacher (the best teacher I the world) is telling us what to do.and I had a song stuck in my head (Friday) so I started to hum it. I got louder and louder. Everyone was staring at me! Even my crush!!!!
Omg I was soo embarrassed!
Sent in by Hannah

Blush Story #9: A few days ago I was talking to my crush during the CRCT  (btw I’m in 5th grade)  then I peed in my pants (we can’t go to the bathroom) and he was starring right at the spot where I peed he hasn’t talked to me since then!!!!
 Zoe

Blush Story #10: So my bestfriend and I were watching a movie and my dad was picking us up. After he dropped my bestfriend home he said we had to go somewhere and I rly needed to go home. So I texted my bestfriend ‘Stuck in the car help’ but I didn’t send it to her… I sent it to my dad. I thought it was coincidental that his phone went off, but when he read it out. I was SO EMBARRASSED, but in situations like this, I did what anyone else would do. I laughed like crazy to block out the awkwardness in my voice.
-Biancaa (;

Do you have a story that you want posted in the next Blush post? If so, please touch here. Have a good Monday!

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Friday Shoutouts

Happy Friday! And Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Princess Kate)!

Here are the Friday Shoutouts!

My shoutouts go out to:
>>>KENZiE: I haven’t talked to you in some time! We gotta’ catch up soon!
>>>EVAN: You were amazing in the play! And I’m *not* just trying to suck up!
>>>SAM: Even though you can be a jerk in school, you’re funny and nice outside of school! And I hope your knee feels better!
>>>ZACH: I so totally love you. I hope we get paired up for the day!!! I would love to spend a whole entire day, just you, and me. <3
>>>AND TO: Alex, Ross, Will, Joseph, Kristen, Kate, Christine, Lindsey, Madison, Caitlin, Dylan, Veronica, Michelle, Jenn, Matt, Jared, Jacob, Logan, Austin, Evan (a different one), the cast of The Blind Side (especially ‘LeighAnn’, ‘Michael’, and ‘SJ’!), and Selena Gomez. And I freakkin’ love, love, *love*… Justin Bieber. <3 <3 <3
>>>AND MY HATERS: Emily, Morgan, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Emily (a different one), Paige, Quincie, Vanessa, Amber, Becca, Josh, Tara, Ashton, etc…. Oh how I love all my wonderful haters.

Hi Here are my shoutouts!
Julia W.-I know you have this app, so I hope you will see this. I love you like a sister!!! Purple Mustache!
Loren- You are so funny!!! And you care about your friends! Thank you!
Maggie- You may be weird, but we wouldn’t like you any other way!
Emilie- Don’t worry. Sir H will come to his senses soon!
A- Keep your head up!
Ryan(pew pew)- PEW PEW!!! Haha, I shot you! Anyway, you are my best guy friend!
Tori- You are so sweet!!! You are never selfish and so funny!
That’s it! I love you all like sisters and a brother!
Ai Mei

WAAHHH! To all my new cruise buds
Sydelle You friggin awesome girlie! Hope u can text me
Carina I luv you and all of ur rode island (inside joke) ness! Stand up for yaself hon!
Quincy This sucks that we had to spilt like that…I’ll never no if u like me too. Darn. Plus u luv eminem too! Wed b perfect together
That’s it for this week+PLUS+
EGW girls-Y’all have to stop fighting PLEASE
From SkittleHater

Hey, I’d like to give a shoutout to:
Lynda: Ur like my best friend!! Oh, fuzzy, we’ve had some great times! DOAWK2! Umm…erase the banana…(inside joke)  ya girll  btw, u and mitch r meant  be gether!! his face is like  when he sees ya. Don’t move!
Samar: Girll ur my other bff! We have great times too(: i worked hard decoratinf ur locker after school so im glad u like it! Today is ur birfday (April 23rd). Luv ya girl 
Abigail: I know u’ve only been here for like a month  but ur an amazing friend! We’re super close already and we love robbiee(: hahah ) luv ya girl 
 My Crush  Dude, ur so blind. Talking to every girl but me and a couple others. We used to talk all the time. Remember that? I do. I miss it.
Sent in by Emily

I wanna shout out to all the trees and polar bears of the world! Hang in there and know there is at least still one person who cares about you!
Also a Shout out to global warming; U SUCK! I know it is our fault and we created you but I WILL DEFEAT U!
Shout out to my girl friends, Miranda margaret, jess, grace, bella, Kamli, Emily, stash, and maddy. U GUYS ROK!!!!!!!!!!
Also a shout out to my guy friends, Dan Josh Oliver Mason Aiden C. U guys are, just, no comment. Lol jk u guys r awesome!
Sry no little comments for each person.
- Envirofreak

Brooke U r my best friend in the world!
JC I’m so glad we r best friends even though we broke up!
Ian U confuse me dude! One day u wanna be my friend and the next day u don’t! It’s extremely confusing!
Riley U r like a totally awesome friend! And ur weird so u get me
Abby Chill out, Dude! I won’t ditch u! U r like stalking me! Stop! Plz!
Ros Get a life!
Courtney U 2!
All you weird and non-weird ppl I just want u 2 know…I’m not repeat NOT normal!
Aliens I’m 1 of u! Take me home!
Japan I’m gonna be Bridget Mendler 4 a sec and say “Hang in there, Baby”
Izzie** (:

Easter bunny thank you for bringing me new earrings!!!!!! And a basketball!!!!! Now mommy and daddy might let me play it!!!
daddy thanks for saying i would be good at basketball!!!! Also thanks for saying I was tall! It meant a lot! I love you so FREAKING much!
mommy i loved the easter dinner!!! You are the best at cooking!!!!! I love you so FREAKING much!
Ke$ha I really insanely want to meet you an find out where you get your inspiration because your songs are like sooooo LEGIT!!!! for those of you who don’t know what legit means is this decade, it means awesomely awsome!
Egw Emily please put the comments back on!
Lindsey keep going strong! I miss you! I’m putting one of the hope4lindsey stickers in my locker!
Kassy hey guuuuuuuuuurl!!!
Arian love ya! Ya know!
Mags don’t worry, I wuv you to!!!
Michelle go out with frank it would make him so FREAKING happy!!!!
Mrs. S why couldn’t you have taught spainish??? Whhhhhyyyyy?????!!!!?
Mrs. C I love ya! You my favorite teacher!!!! Now can I have a jolly rancher?? Hahaha…. Just kidding!
Jasun and kristy be strong, and don’t worry, Lindsey will make it! I think not only of her, but of you guys and bubba… Your one of the main reasons she fights with her might!
Everyone else in the worldhi!

Mina: why are u so mean?
Lilia: besties!
Halle: you are so nice Halle ally puppy club
John: I  u and u lik me but u still go out with Gabrielle!! Just  me 2!!!! Shiba inu! ( sorry inside joke) luv u!! I really wanna go out with u! Not dead doggie! (another inside joke) my sunburn is gone!!!!!! ( last inside joke) u can’t feel bad for me now huh! ( sorry it’s so long! Luv is long )
Matt: just give up!
Adam: you keep everything a secret… Go flyers!
Matt k.: jerk. How many times do u have to break hearts?
Zoe: even though ur my bffl, I am sooooo much prettier. I should be #1
Francesca: what’s up? Something has been wrong ever since you and Connor started going out.
Matt r, emily b, Halle: yeah maybe me and Adam would be cute…
Kal: it was u and u reported her? Report urself…
Wendy: u go out with the cutest boy and you think you are all that? U know why he went out with u…
Karlee: u lier! I can’t believe Monica thought it was me! U have no right to be mean and a liar.
Monica: really, u kno why ppl go out with u? Even ur boyfriend said it!
Martin: why!?!?!?
Gabrielle: EVERYONE knows u don’t lik John so why do u keep going out with him?

Hey go Emma !!!
Sent in by Emily

Justin: You and Shyanna? No!
Sierra: good luck at school xoxoxoxo
Jade: to be someones friend doesnt mean they has to give you clothes. NOPE!!!!
Jayson: go out with sierra! She love you unlike bri or makayla.
Alexis and Kerrie: luv u to DEATH so stop it. We ALL loves u. Roaroaroarroar!
Levi: I don’t like u at all. Leave me alone. PlZ

$Anna$- pick one already Kevin or Alex
Elaina- don’t worry paul will give up eventually……. I hope. I really don’t know what I would do without u! We share everything like Siamese twins!
Renae- don’t worry we’ll get rid of Precious eventually! Can’t wait till the zoo!
Precious- pleez go away already! Deny deny deny deny deny deny deny…BLOCK!!!
Eliana-good luck taking care of your new baby sis!
Mac- GO GO GO JOSEPH! I know you’ll do awesome at the play I’ll be there cheering u on!
Ollie- hey gurrrll! Go mr sol! I can’t believe your in my group for the zoo!!! See u at the play!
<3 Austin <3- love u! Even though E. D. likes u 2

Here are my shoutouts:)
jake i love you so much. you've been through alot in your life and yet you always seem to be able to make everyone around you happy, you put other peoples needs before your own even though you deserve so much more then you get. When I was about to turn my back to the world you stopped me and you held my hand and told me the words I needed to feel ok again. I'm glad I'm part of your life and I'm glad your part of mine.
justin your one of my best friends and you mean so much to me. Your going to go places with those drums of yours. Your not gonna be a has been your going to be a will be.
japan my dearest japan please stay strong!
Love Ally 

I would like to give a big shout out to my friend Kate she is the beat friend ever!!!!! 

My shout outs:
Shannon: My sis' BFFL thanks for helping her while she's still getting over her break-up with Dominic Luv u lots! <3
Haley: Thanks for your concern for my sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sis Kenzie Mae: I hope your doing okay over there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my shout outs!
Colton: I'm honestly sorry, and if you really have forgiven me and still love me then...idk. You're the best. And please honey, never become like Caleb or wes or Brandon or anyone of those types. I love you dear, and I always will even if you hate me.
K.T.: I miss you!!!
Cameron: hehehehehehheh he wasn't there (inside joke)
Caleb and Wes: you guys are so stupid and ignorant, grow up.
- Chutter

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