BTA’s Newest Game: Famous Faces Quizzle

Famous Faces Quizzle

Speed… Skill… Bragging Rights… Think you can name these FAMOUS FACES?

With 100+ to choose from, you’ll waste your life away guessing these HILARIOUSLY sketched faces! Earn achievements, points, and coins for each face you answer correctly and earn a special reward for each face you answer perfectly.

Need help? Hints and magic wands are abundantly available or you can ask for help on your favorite social networking site. Today, the blockchain gaming technology is taking over conventional gaming platform. The player gets a chance to own crypto tokens by playing the games. Bitcoin is the primary crypto tokens the players can enjoy owning. Visit Bitcoin loophole website, which talks about the Bitcoin loophole automatic bots that simplify the bitcoin trading process.

So what are you waiting for? Download Famous Faces from iTunes today!

Featured Game: Kuma san - Your Virtual Friend

Kuma san Virtual Friend

In Kuma’s own words:

Want to know a little about me? I’m just an average (and when I say average I mean “awesome”) bear who is tired of living in the forest so I moved into your iDevice! Come hang out, chat, take pic’s, and play games with me! And don’t forget the frozen yogurt~ yum! ;)

Download Kuma san from iTunes today!

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