2009 and the Year Ahead

Happy new year! The end of 2009 gave us a convenient time to mark our progress as a company, and to review our goals and upcoming projects for 2010, so this blog post will provide highlights of both.

Yesterday, we held our first holiday/new year dinner with family and friends of Broken Thumbs Apps. It was a nice reminder of all the teamwork and collaboration it took to go from (i) being completely new to the mobile space to (ii) having three apps in the Apple App Store (Snaked, Chasing Colors and Santa’s Run), each being enjoyed by users across the US and the world, and all in about half a year. With each app, we learned more and more about product development, distribution, marketing, support, engaging our target audience of casual app users, and the iPhone/mobile space in general. So, we ended 2009 on an upward trajectory, and look forward to building on that momentum heading into 2010.

As we begin 2010, Broken Thumbs Apps is focused on our next two upcoming apps, including Zombie Duck Hunt - an arcade-style iPhone shooter which should be in beta testing this week. As with last year, the most important part about being an app developer, other than actually making apps, is getting noticed by iPhone/iPod Touch users, which have collectively downloaded over 3 billion apps to date, as Apple announced yesterday. We are implementing some of those ideas with Zombie Duck Hunt and will roll-out others in the months to come, as we spread the word about Broken Thumbs Apps and our apps. If we can continue to develop engaging, intuitive apps for the casual user, there’s a good chance that we will experience many breakthroughs in 2010 and beyond.

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on our latest developments!

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